Where Life
and Nature Meet

Our story starts with a vision to improve the quality of life for the people and the environment. The scarcity of healthy and tranquil residential areas in big cities moved us to start Graha Natura, a project that puts Nature Healthy Living and Technology at the front and center.

Built on an 80 Ha area in West Surabaya, Graha Natura works closely with the developers of Kebun Raya Purwodadi, Seameo Biotrop (South East Asia Regional Centre for Biological Tropical), and several other scientific institutes. Together, we started an environment conservation program that encompasses almost half of the green open space in the residential area, planting 10.000 from 1.000 national species. One of the programs, Kebun Mangga Persahabatan, provided an environment conservation and education platform through the planting of mango variety gardens.

International designer Karl Princic was selected to plan Graha Natura’s environment and landscape design. We aimed to create a cool, beautifully designed green open space surrounded by lush trees that provides countless oxygen supplies (O2), improving the well-being of our residents. Furthermore, we are also committed to build a healthier, waste-free residential area by building an Integrated Sewage Treatment Plant (ISTP), a system that centrally treats both liquid and solid household waste. Through the application of this technology, every unit in Graha Natura no longer requires a septic tank.

As the first step, we have developed four private clusters, apartment, school, club house, and commercial areas.